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9 дурацких ошибок, которые совершает женщина, чтобы испортить себе жизнь

Опубликовано: 31.03.2017

видео 9 дурацких ошибок, которые совершает женщина, чтобы испортить себе жизнь

The price of shame | Monica Lewinsky

The main measures of nature protection

The main measures of nature protection

1. Participants are required to practice and managers seek to minimize the damage caused by the nature of the stay of a large group.

2. When the device is necessary to dig a long stay cesspool, being careful not to damage the roots of trees, and the removal of the camp clear out the debris and bury it. When short-term parking garbage is burned (polyethylene — apart from food waste), cans should be burned at the stake and buried, or carry away.

3. Participants practice prohibited tear or digging protected species and protected fish species. Collect unfamiliar species should be in consultation with the teacher, and if this is not possible — in a single item.

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4. Avoid mass gatherings of any organisms that may lead to their senseless deaths and harm the population. Produce mass gatherings can be for research purposes only with the permission of the teachers.

5. No need to cut and can not damage living trees and shrubs. If you want to use live trees in the regeneration of the camp or for other business purposes is permissible to use the undergrowth «weedy» species (in the middle lane — birch, aspen).

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6. It is necessary to minimize damage to soil. If necessary obkapyvaniya campfire tents or sod should be taken to preserve and then put in place. Getting around in the camp, and next to it should be along the paths, to minimize trampling.

7. It is forbidden to pour and pour the soil and bodies of water, and toxic pollutants.

8. In the forest is prohibited to make noise, without the need to seek a scientific birds nest, pick up eggs and chicks.
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